The healing period will proceed differently depending on aftercare, type of skin and body part. To achieve the best healing possible, please take care of following points:

  • Avoid physically demanding activities and motions.

  • Make sure your hands are clean before touching your tattoo.
  • Take off the foil after three hours. Second skin 48 hours after or what your tattoo artist told you. Afterwards clean the tattoo with clear water and ph-neutral soap. Let it air-dry or carefully tap it dry with a clean towel.

  • Put on a thin layer of coconut oil.

  • During the first seven days try to keep showers quick. Water, shampoo, bodywash and soap should only be gently flowing over the wounded skin part. Don't scrub!

  • During the first week your tattoo should be treated with coconut oil once to twice a day. 

  • For the second to third week do this treatment once a day.



General information to attend during healing period:

  • The tattooed skin part should not be stretched too much.

  • Avoid sports for at least one week.

  • During the first three to four weeks baths and sauna should be avoided.

  • Avoid contact to dirt.

  • Itching is part of the healing process. Please don't scratch! 

  • Avoid direct insolation and/or solarium for two month.

  • Only expose the tattooed body part to insolation using a sunblock 30+ or more.

  • Minimal stress und physical exhaustion, good sleep and healthy food support the endogenous healing mechanisms of the body.


During the first days bruises and swellings can appear. This is a normal physical reaction and nothing to worry about. 



Enjoy your new tattoo!